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Britain's oldest comics

  • The Dandy is Britain's oldest comic still being published. It was launched on 4 December 1937 by D.C. Thomson & Co. and has been issued weekly ( apart from world war II). 'Dessperate Dan' sotries have apperared in every issue.
  • The Beano is Britain's second oldest comic still being published. It was launched on 30 July 1938 by D.C. Thomson & Co. and is issued weekly and 'Dennis and menace' stories have appeared in every issue except once since 17 March 1951. The Dennis The Menace Fan club (founded in 1976) has over one and a quarter million members.
  • Watch a video of The Beano here..

The Dandy and The Beano recorded their highest combined weekly sale on 22 April 1950 when the figure exceeded 4 000 000 - The Dandy, 2 035 310; The Beano, 1 974 072. both comics have produced Christmas annuals each year without a break. The first Dandy annual, The Dandy Monster Comic, was publisheed in 1938, and the first Beano annual, The Beano book, was published in 1939.