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Fun facts about the Dinosaur group

Types of Dinosaurs
All talks about Dinosaur have so far been an astonishing information for us. And it will continue to be also. Kids, here are some fun facts giving the meanings to the names of Dinosaur group. Most of the namesare connecting to Lizards. Sure there should be some sort of similarities between Dinosaurs and Lizards. The vivid similarity is the face.
  • Tyrannosaurus rex means 'King of the tyrant lizards'.
  • Brachiosaurus means 'Arm lizard'.
  • Maiasaura means 'Good mother lizard'.
  • Ankylosaurus means 'Stiff or fused lizard'.
  • Triceratops means 'Three horns on the face'.
  • Stegosaurus means 'Roof lizard'.
  • Deinonychus means 'Terrible caw'
  • Ornithomimus means 'Like an ostrich'.
  • Parasaurolophus means 'Beside ridged lizard'.
  • Compsognathus means 'Elegant jaw'.