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Knowledge about Sugar and Chocolate

Kids, Do you know that sugar and chocolate come from plants? Look out how?


Sugar comes from Sugar cane and Sugarbeet plants. See how.

From Sugarcane

The tall canes are cut down and taken to factory called sugar mill. There they are shredded and crushed between rollers that squeeze out the juice. The juice is then boiled with lime. This gets rid of the unwanted bits in the juice. It is then boiled to make syrup and small lumps of sugar crystals. A centrifuge seprates the brown crystals from the syrup. The crystals are taken to other countries and refined into white sugar.

From Sugarbeet 

Sugar beets grow in cooler places. the leaves are removed, and the plants are taken to a factory. There they are washed, sliced and spun in hot water. The sugar then passes out into the water. This is boiled and treated then like cane juice.
Making white sugar

Brown sugar crysals are made into white sugar after refinery. The crystals are put in a pan and covered in dried molasses. The molasses is melted in warm syrup. A centrifuge separates this from the crystals. The crystals are dissolved in waer. The unwanted parts are removed, and they turn white. The syrup is cooked in a closed pan. Crystals are then added. This makes white sugar form. It is removed and dried. It is poured into packets.


Cocoa tree
Chocolates are made using cocoa trees that grow in South America and Africa. The cocoa beans grow in large pods and are picked when they are nicely ripen. Each pod contains about 40 beans. The beans are left under damp banana leaves for 6 days, to give them a nice taste.

Then they are dried in sun, put in sacks and taken to abroad factories through ships. There the beans are cleaned and roasted. The insides are removed and ground to paste. Cocoa butter is squeezed out of the cocoa paste.

Cocoa butter, cocoa paste, sugar and fat are made into liquid chocolate and poured out in desired moulds to form tasty chocolates.
cocoa pod with beans inside