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What is inside Toothpaste?

Toothpaste forms an important role in our life. We start our daily activities with it. While so many brands with so many flavours and colors reside, how many of us really know whats the ingredients of toothpaste. If you dont know then get into this...
The following are the ingredients that are put in sealed mixer for 3 hours.
  1. Polisher: powder made from bauxite
  2. Humectant: stops paste from dring up and is made from maize
  3. Binder: keeps paste well mixed. This ismade from wood pulp.
  4. Detergent: cleans teeth and makes paste foamy. made from chemicals.
  5. germicide:Chemicals for killing germs
  6. Fluoride; chemical that helps keep teeth strong
  7. Flavour: makes paste taste nice. Made from plant such as mint.
  8. Saccharin: makes paste sweet. This is a chemical made from coal.
The lids of the tubes are put on while the bottoms are left open to fill up this mix by a machine and later they are sealed by another machine.