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PSLE: Dear students, Do not STRESS; Do your BEST; Forget the REST. "You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

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1. Mexico once had three presidents on a single day! On 18 February 1913, the presidential position shifted between Francisco Madero, Pedro Lascurain and Victoriano Huerta.

2. The potato chip was invented in 1853 by George Crum.

3. Once upon a time tea bricks were chosen form of currency over coins for nomads of Siberia and Mongolia.

4. A collection of ladybirds are known as Loveliness.

5. The cat flap door was invented by Sir Isaac Newton.

6. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer written by Mark Twain is the first novel ever written on a Typewriter.

7. The eyes of Seahorses can move independent of each other. 

8. Eiffel Tower which is 320 meters tall was designed by Gustave Eiffel who was scared of terrifying heights.

9. While most pupils are round, goats have rectangular pupils.

10. Every tree on this planet sheds its leaves- even evergreen trees, but they have clever way of doing so. The old leaves takes turns to shed and so they don't fall off all at the same time. That's why even during the harsh and snowy winters, evergreen trees are never completely bare. This makes them perfect for use as Christmas trees! So whenever you see the Christmas tree, remember you are face-face with a very clever tree!

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Tinkle Digest
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Q: What is more useful when broken?
A: Egg

Q: The more you use it, the more it gets shorter. What is this?
A:A pencil, a candle or an eraser.

Q: There is something which rich people have less, poor have more, and if you eat it, drink it, or smell it, you will die. What is it?
A: Nothing.

Q: What is the longest word on the dictionary?
A: Smiles. There is a mile between the s's.

Q: What occurs once in a minute, twice in a movement, but never in a thousand years?
A: The letter M.

Q: What can you catch, but never throw?
A: A cold.

Q:What is in the end of a rainbow?
A: The letter W.

Q: What has hands, but cannot clap?
A: A clock.

Q:What starts with 't', is filled up with 't' and ends with 't'?
A: A teapot.

Q: What kind of tree can you hold?
A: A PALM tree.

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On this very Earth!

  1. There are no rivers in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Australia is the only country which is also a continent.
  3. The city of Istanbul spreads across two continents - Asia and Europe.
  4. At the nearest point, Russia and America are less than 4km apart.
  5. La Paz in Bolivia is so high above sea level that there is barely enough oxygen in the air to support a fire.
    La Paz
  6. More than 75% of all the countries in the world are north of the Equator.
  7. About one tenth of the Earth's surface is permanently covered with ice.
  8. Imagine if a teddy bear were to come alive and somehow resemble a cat! Well, that's how a Olinguito the new tree-dwelling mammal looks like! It lives on fruit and has only one baby at a time. 
It is the tiniest member of the raccoon family of mammals. An olinguito is easily mistaken for its cousin, the olingo. But the former has a rounder face, tinier ears and a shorter tail. This shy 'bear-cat' is a night animal and has made the cloud forests of Eucador and Columbia its home. 
Olinguito stuffed toys are already popular in America.
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Superhero - A limerick


There was once a superhero,
who loved to listen to a radio,
his power was to make fog,
which smells like hot-dog,
he could also make electricity,
which gave him publicity,
but he said " this is enough for a superhero"


Note:  limerick is a kind of a witty, humorous, or nonsense poem, especially one in five-line anapestic or amphibrachic meter with a strict rhyme scheme
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Know your Alphabets

Its been a long traditional practice to teach our kids, the alphabets saying A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat and so on. Why not teach in this way...

A for Ambition – elevates you to higher ideas

B for Brotherhood – binds one and all together

C for Cleanliness – must to get kids cultivated with it from childhood

D for Daddy – who works hard for our health, wealth and education

E for Enthusiasm – is the first step for reaching success

F for Friendship - which can be never bough but can be won with love

G for God – Who created us, loves us and helps us to live with love

H for Health – our greatest wealth

I for Immortality – gained through great sacrifices and selfless deeds

J for Joy – brightens our day and sweetens our life

K for Kindness – miracle to drive sadness away and shower sunshine to poor, weak and sick

L forLove – like sun it warms itself and all others around

M for Mother – who is divine, the very symbol of sacrifice and whose only concern is family’s welfare

N for Nobility – biggest jewel of our characters

O for Obedience – which must be always shown to Mother, Father, Teacher and God

P for Prayer – greatest solace and protection under all circumstances

Q for Quiet – so precious and rare

R for Righteousness – which we must imbibe in all our thoughts, words and deeds

S for Smile – should be our motto towards all

T for Truth – to be adhered to all at all times

U for Unity – must know that united we will stand, but once divided we will fall

V for Victory – all your aspiration should be victory of goodness over evil

W for Work – didecated service and key to win God’s love

X for eXcellence – gained only be being sincere and regular in studies

Y for Youth – best period for striving hard to reach our goal

Z for Zeal – which helps in all our endeavours
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Ways for sure success

Everyone wants to lead a successful life. But not all succeed as success doesn't drop into or laps. We have to work for it. Her the guidelines that will give you hand in successful path.

  1. Knowledge: There is no limit to the knowledge yo may acquire. Do not be confined with your today's lessons and the knowledge you gain in your academic subjects.Try to increase your general knowledge, whenever and wherever possible.
  2. Oratory: Learn to speak well. Politely, clearly to the point.
  3. Courage: Have the courage to stand by what is right. Don't do things just because others are doing it.
  4. Talent: Use whatever talent you possess. Develop it to the best of your ability.
  5. Good Deeds: Service to society in whichever way you can.
  6. Charity: Share with others whatever positive you have-an abundance of - it could be money, time, love, kindness, books, food, service - the list is endless.
All the leader of the world have these qualities and hence they are so successful.
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Facts that you may not believe

  1. Elephant and horse sleep in standing posture.
  2. Octopus has got 3 hearts.
  3. Lizard doesn't drink water at all.
  4. Average human brain weighs about 1360gms.
  5. Thomas Alva Edison was asked to drop out of school by his teacher as he was weak in science.
  6. Newton formulated the Laws of Motion, Laws of Gravitation and Laws of cooling before he was 20 years.
  7. Yak's milk is in violet color.
  8. Giraffe is incapable of making any sound.
  9. Cat's cannot see if there is total darkness.
  10. Fish are capable of growing till death.

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Wonderful world facts

  1. There are 2 billion bacteria in just one teaspoon of soil and millions more fungi, protozoa and algae.
  2. Bamboo can grow three feet in just one day.
  3. A cricket crawls toward the leaves of a Venus flytrap that can shut tight, trapping the insect.
  4. There are over 500 types of meat eating plants growing in the world.
  5. Bees use a special dance to tell other bees where to find flower. That dance is called Waggle dancing.
  6. Beetles are popular pets in Japan.
  7. Wat Pa Maha temple in Thailand made of glass bottles
  8. Wat Pa Maha temple in Thailand is made over one million bottles.
  9. Scientists believe they have identified a flower that is 120 million years old.
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Save the Whales

Whales are the largest animals that have ever lived on earth - even larger than dinosaurs. Unfortunately, now they are in danger of becoming extinct. These magnificent creatures are threatened by whaling, garbage, chemicals, noise, fishing lines and more.

Did you know?
  1. Whales are mammals, which means they are warm blooded and breathe air like us although they live in water.
  2. A whale's nose is on the top of its head and is called a blowhole. A single breathe  from a blue whale can inflate 2000 balloons! Isn't it amazing?
  3. The largest whales are blue whales. In fact, they are the largest creature ever to live on Earth.
  4. Ten whale species are on the endangered list, including the baleen, blue, and right whales.
Saving whales
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Interesting questions and answers

  1. Where would you find the Bad lands?
  2. What is called 'Whispering bells'?
  3. What is Vihuela?
  4. What is the capital of Bahama Islands?
  5. BIMSTEC stands for?
  6. Where is Transylvania?
  7. What was the peculiar feature of the Royalists?
  8. In music, what does polytonality mean?
  9. Name the first American to win the Nobel prize for literature.
  10. Name the renowned American novelist who wrote ' The great gatsby'.
  1. In South dakota, USA
  2. Plants of the water leaf family, 8 to 14 inches high.
  3. A spanish musical instrument.
  4. Nassau
  5. Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Srilanka and Thailand council for Economic Co-operation.
  6. The western part of Rumania.
  7. They wore ringlets.
  8. Simultaneous use of several keys.
  9. Sinclair Lewis.
  10. F. Scott Fitzgerald
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