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Do you know "The story of begining of English" ?

Up until about 1,500 years ago, the people who lived in British Isles (group of Islands) did not speak English. They were called Celts and spoke a language called Celtic, which totally was different from English.

Then about the year 450, the land of Celts was invaded by three tribes from a place that is now the country of Germany, in northern Europe. These tribes were Angles, Saxons and the Jutes. These tribes fought a war with Celtic people. The Celts lost the war, and they had to leave England and move to other parts of british Isles. Today only few people in the British Isles speak Celtic language, and there are almost no words in English that come from Celtic.

The Angles, Saxons and Jutes all spoke the same language, but in slightly different ways as they had settled in different parts of germany. Once they had settled in England all the tribes began to speak the same way. this new language came to be known as English, after the tribe called the Angles as they were in majority.