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Do you Know? - Masskara Festival

Festival of Masks
Masskara festival in Bacolod city, Negros Occidental in The Philippines is Bacolod's version of Mardi Gras celebrated in october. The week long celebration kicks off with mask-making contests, food fairs, brass band competitions, beauty and alent pageants, a windsurfing regatta, drinking and eating contests, trade fairs and lots of exhibits. The highest of the festivities is a parade with street dancers in vibrant masks and colourful costumes.

The symbol of the festival - a smiling mask was adopted to signify the happy spirit of the region, in spite of periodic economic downturns in the sugar industry in 1980.
Symbol of Masskara festival

The word masskara was coined from two word 'mass' meaning  multitude of people and the spanish word 'kara' meaning face, thus denoting multitude of smiling faces.

smiling kara