PSLE: Dear students, Do not STRESS; Do your BEST; Forget the REST. "You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

On this very Earth!

  1. There are no rivers in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Australia is the only country which is also a continent.
  3. The city of Istanbul spreads across two continents - Asia and Europe.
  4. At the nearest point, Russia and America are less than 4km apart.
  5. La Paz in Bolivia is so high above sea level that there is barely enough oxygen in the air to support a fire.
    La Paz
  6. More than 75% of all the countries in the world are north of the Equator.
  7. About one tenth of the Earth's surface is permanently covered with ice.
  8. Imagine if a teddy bear were to come alive and somehow resemble a cat! Well, that's how a Olinguito the new tree-dwelling mammal looks like! It lives on fruit and has only one baby at a time. 
It is the tiniest member of the raccoon family of mammals. An olinguito is easily mistaken for its cousin, the olingo. But the former has a rounder face, tinier ears and a shorter tail. This shy 'bear-cat' is a night animal and has made the cloud forests of Eucador and Columbia its home. 
Olinguito stuffed toys are already popular in America.