PSLE: Dear students, Do not STRESS; Do your BEST; Forget the REST. "You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

Use your brain

  1. Man, looking at a portrait: "Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man's father is my father's son.
    Who is the subject of the portrait?
  2. If two boys and a girl can beat their father in a tug of war, but their mother can win against a boy and two girls, who should win a contest between the father and a girl against the other and a boy?
  3. A doctor gives you three pills and tells you to take one every half an hour. How long will the pills last?
  4. Two fathers and two sons each sho a duck. None of them shot the same duck but only three ducks were shot. Why?
  5. How much earth is there in a hole measuring one foot by one foot?
5. None, hole is made by taking out the earth.
4. An old man, his son and his grandson each shot a duck. The first two were fathers and the second and third wew the two sons.
3. One hour. If you take the 1st pill at 1.00, the second at 1.30 and the third at 2.00, the pills have run out and only one hour was passed.
2. The mother and boy. Pitting the 2 winning teams against the 2 losing teams(boy+boy+girl+mother Vs father+boy+girl+girl) will obviously result in a win for boy+boy+girl+mother over father+boy+girl+girl. Take a girl and boy away from each side, and boy+mother must still beat father+girl.
1. The son of the speaker