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Ways to boost your child's Success

Every mother desires that her child stands first in the school, college and at all places. Its her right to claim on her child. The child has to be prepared with proper planning and follow-up of that plan to reach that success. And such a training for the kid should be started from its first school. Which is a child's first school? Ya, its mother's WOMB.

Coaching a baby from mothers womb has been in practice from legends. Its said in Mahabaratha, epic of India that a character named Abimanyu learned martial arts of fighting in war place when he was in his mother's womb. And today the medical science has acknowledged such a possibility. So why not ?

How to coach the kids from womb?

1. Start coaching from the time you go for pregnancy itself.

2. Once you confirmed your pregnancy, always be communicating your activities with your child.

3. Talk in a pleasing way with all affection.

4. Daily spell out some of the disciplinary quotes to your child and explain it. Do it daily.

5. Normally when you reach your 5th or 6th month you could be able to sleep only when your child does. And ofcourse when it awakes sure you have to. The baby will be active now. Now whatever you talk it will listen.

6. Earlier decide what you desire your child should become in future and plan his/her lessens then itself. The baby after birth will really desire for the same you wished for. On the other hand you you havent done this during pregnancy, you cannot compel your child's ambition as you wish.

7. Music does a lot. From the great musician Tansen to todays A R Rehman, music plays a vital role in every human life. In historical periods, it has been a form of therapy for mind relaxation. Scientists have accepted the fact that the vibrations of certain chants does miracles in human body. So select proper songs and play it so that your baby in womb also listens to it.

8. Always be happpy and cheerful.

9. Always be optimistic

10. Share some of th inspirational stories with your baby

These steps are shared here out of self experience. The much attention you concern for the physical formation of the foetus, the much attention should be given to its mental ability also if you aim for an intellectual baby.

Will be continued in next issue...