PSLE: Dear students, Do not STRESS; Do your BEST; Forget the REST. "You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

General Knowledge-Quiz

1. Land of opium eaters-China
2. Gold coast-Ghana
3. Capital of Greece-Athens
4. Capital of Germany-Berlin
5. American Harbor -Pearl
6. Holy book of Persian-Zend Avesta
7. America discovered by-Columbus
8. Sun never setting Empire-Britain
9. Ethological Museum is in-India
10. India discovered by-Vascodagama
11. Founder of Union of Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia-Lenin
12. Philosophers of Socialism-Karl Marx & Engels
13. 1st Indian woman to step into space-Kalpana Chawla
14. Album made on Diana's death -Goodbye England Rose
15. Emu-Bird in Australia
16. Oceania-Island of Pacific
17. Caxton -1st English printer
18. Lucifer-Rebel angel Satan
19. Land of rising sun-Japan
20. Land of midnight sun-Norway
21. Odysseus-name of Greek Hero
22. Elephant's cry-Trumphet
23. Language of Gypsies-Romany
24. Famous road in London to stitch men garments-Savillo Row
25. Meaning of hoisting white flag during war-Surrender
26. Currency of Bermuda-Bermuda Dollar
27. National animal of Australia-Kangaroo
28. House of redindians-tepee
29. Roof of the world-Pamir knot
30. Who won 7 gold medals for swimming in 1972 Olympic?-Marx Pets
31. National flower of canada-White liliy
32. Capital of Uganda-Combala
33. Device to measure speed of air-Anaemameter
34. Study of arrangements of cells-Cytogenetics
35. Pyorhea is the disease caused by-Vitamin C deficiency
36. V. O. A radio-Voice of America
37. Lucky number of Hitler-7
38. Name given to Japan by foriegners-Migado
39. Study of natural history of reptiles-Herpetology
40. Countries with Lotus a s National flower - India, Vietnam