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First in India

1. News Paper – Times of India
2. Postal stamp was delivered on 1825AD @ Sindh
3. Telegraphic connection was 1st made between Kolkatta and Diamond Harbor
4. 1st Railway track was laid between Mumbai and Thana on Apr 16, 1853
5. 1st postal letter was delivered on Oct 1, 1854
6. 1st atomic text was conducted @ Pochran of Rajasthan, 1985
7. 1st Textile mill in India was constructed in 1854
8. 1st electric train was started in the year 1925
9. August 13, 1956, R. Shivalingam gave telegram in Tamil. He was the 1st in world to give telegram other than in English
10. 1st democratic state in India – Kerala.
11. 1st European to invade India - Alexander